Minot Public School Enrollment Up From Last May

As of Friday morning, enrollment in Minot Public Schools sits at 7,579 students in grades K through 12.

That’s up by 136 more than last May.
Of those students, there’s nearly 3,995 enrolled in the elementary schools.
That leaves 1,612 students in middle school and 1,972 at the high school level.
Superintendent Tracy Lawson said the Minot Public Schools’ enrollment specialist has been and will be very busy in the days to come, but there is still time to enroll your kids if need be.
 “She’s enrolling families every 15 to 30 minutes and her schedule is full. Last time I checked through Tuesday and I’m sure already into Wednesday with school starting next Thursday, and she’ll continue throughout the year. All new students have to enroll through her.”
Families that live in outside districts like South Prairie or Nedrose can also enroll their students in Minot Public Schools if they so wish.
For anyone looking to enroll, call 857-4400.

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