Minot State University rated among best schools in the country

A college right here in North Dakota has been recognized as one of the best.

Schools.com ranked Minot State University as one of the best schools of 2017.

That’s based on things like affordability, the number of degree programs on campus and online, and the average retention rate.

The average tuition rate for an in-state student at Minot State University is around 68-hundred dollars, according to college’s enrollment office.

There are 29-hundred undergrad students enrolled for the 2017 fall semester and the National Center for Education Statistics found an admission rate of nearly 57 percent.

Those numbers are just a few reasons behind MSU’s ranking as one of the top 25 schools in the country.

“The interaction between the teachers and the students are really good,” MSU junior Moreen Majub said, “they take their time to make sure you understand whatever they are teaching.”

“I like that it’s smaller, so you can communicate with your professors more on a personal basis, senior Hellaman Hale said.

“And it’s more multicultural than before so you got international students, a lot of minority students as well. From all sorts of places like New York, California, Texas, God bless them, and locals as well.”

“I like the small class sizes. I like how you can have the personal connection with the teacher. If you still need extra help, teachers are able to come to you personally,” junior Dustin Wilcox said.

Senior Maritssa Perez said, “I like the environment, the multicultural diversity on this campus. It’s very fun to see different students out here. I’ll see Bohemian people, North Korean, it’s very nice to see that aspect and hear where they’re from.”

“MSU has a real diversity on campus. The teachers are excellent to work with, everybody is so friendly. The staff are also excellent to work with,” junior Jeron Pratt said.  “I just love the cohesiveness, really, of the school.” 

With nearly 100 degree and certification programs on campus and online, there are many opportunities at Minot State.

Schools.com researched more than 16-hundred universities in the country.

The smaller size of MSU didn’t seem to hurt MSU’s ranking, as much larger schools like the University of Minnesota and Purdue University are on the list as well.

The number one four-year institution on Schools.com is Utah State University.


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