Minot woman honored for contributions to the workplace and community

A Minot woman being recognized for her contributions to both the workplace and to the community says she hopes influence others to do the same.

The 2018 Outstanding Woman in Business award comes from the Center for Technology and Business, a non profit geared towards business development across the state.

The CTB operates the North Dakota Women’s Business Center, and that organization recently honored Michelle Phillips of Minot for all that she’s done to serve as a role model for others.

“I always was a leader from the time I was a Girl Scout,” Phillips, a surface land manager at Hess Corporation, said.

Those leadership skills never left .. and that, along with her dedication to work and giving back to the community is what snagged Michelle Phillips the title of the 2018 CTB Outstanding Woman in Business Award.

Phillips has worked at Hess for about seven years, spending the last three in The Bakken.

She says she sees herself as a trailblazer for women in the oil industry.
“I’m excited to be a woman and be able to have a role like this and to get to engage with people out in the field and to open up more job opportunities for women in the future.”

She’s the first in her family to go to college and her jobs have led her to become a licensed attorney in seven states.

But aside from work, Phillips made it her mission to give back to the Minot area.
“I have a law background, I have a business background,” she said, “and being able to put those to use for the greater good has been really impactful.”

She and two teammates from the Women’s Leadership Program raised more than 30,000 dollars leading up to and during the Fuel the Fight event.
That money went to the Trinity Health Foundation to give gas cards to cancer patients traveling to Minot for treatment.

“I think cancer hits so many people,” Phillips said. “Both my father and my father in law passed away from cancer within the last five years, so for me, that’s a big passion project to make sure that people can get the care that they need.”

A Bismarck woman, Josette Severson, was awarded the 2018 CTB Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award as well.
She is the founder and owner of the Prairie Patriot Firearms Training.

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