MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Some students may be faced with paying for school lunches this year, after two years of free lunch during the pandemic.

This is something students in the Minot Public School District will be dealing with this school year after free lunch funding ended.

Free meals will not be available to all Minot Public Schools students this year, after free lunches for all for the last two years.

According to a statement from the district nutrition services director, the USDA told the school district that the federal funding for free lunch was coming to an end.

Students will have to pay for their lunches this school year unless they fill out a free or reduced lunch application.

After hearing that students would have to pay for lunches, one Minot resident wanted to help out, in case some families couldn’t afford it.

“I found out that kids were kinda getting bullied for not being able to eat food at schools. Kids were hiding and things like that. That’s something that’s really sad. School lunches aren’t free this year and out of all the things that you can give back to the community, and give back to children, I chose this fund because this gives directly to the children,” said Monica McCoy, owner of Mo Makes Magic.

McCoy held a neon roller party to raise money for the Angel Fund which helps cover the cost of lunch for students that can’t pay the fee.

She says $5,000 was raised through private investors to help feed children in need.

“It’s so important for students to have access to the hot lunch because if they’re not getting the proper food at home, they can at least be able to come to school and have one hot meal a day. At least just one hot meal a day. And that’s very important. You’ve gotta have some type of food so that these kids can thrive and become better adults,” said McCoy.

The nutrition services director says it’s nice to receive donations and the families are grateful for the help.

McCoy says she’s planning another roller party to help raise more money for the Angel Fund.

Breakfast is free for students on the free and reduced meal plan and $2.25 for the paid option.

Lunch is free for the free plan and 40 cents for the reduced meal plan.

The paid plan option is $3 for elementary students and $3.25 for all other grade levels.

If families don’t meet the income requirement for free and reduced meals, but still need help paying for meals, they can call Minot Public Schools Nutrition Services at (701)-857-8728.