A Minot woman is now taking her hobby of soap making to a whole new level… for a good cause.

Katy Allers has transformed her kitchen into a soap-making factory. She took up soap making as a hobby during the pandemic… and loved it. Today, she’s helping others, by way of her hobby… making soap to help support Ukraine.

“My husband saw me making some other soaps and we were watching the news, of course Kx News, they were covering the Ukrainian crisis over there and the war. And he said you should make soap and sell them for donations.”, said Allers.

She sells the soap for 3 dollars a bar. So far, she’s already received more than 100 orders. All donations will go to a charity in Ukraine.

“Last night–I just put it out there to see how many people and it’s gotten kind of crazy now. Right now I have about 150 bars of soap that have been ordered from me.”, said Allers.

To donate or buy soap for Ukraine from Katy, click here.