Miss Rodeo ND contestants vie for state title

The 64th annual Minot Y’s Men’s Rodeo begins tonight, and there’s some beauty and grace behind that rodeo grit.

“Rodeo is a way for people to come together,” Kara Berntson, Miss Rodeo ND Winter Show and contestant for Miss Rodeo North Dakota, said.
Fellow contestant and Miss Rodeo Minot Y’s Men’s, Callee Jo Schmidt added, “Everyone supports one another and pushes each other.”

Both ladies come from farm families and are proud to represent the Peace Garden State and its agricultural history and success.

“What I love about this place is just how close everyone is to one another,” Schmidt said.

“I grew up on a grain farm, and growing up, everything was about agriculture,” said Berntson. “It really made me appreciate it.” 

Schmidt is from Flasher, North Dakota, and Berntson is from Kulm.

As two small town girls, the state title would be a dream come true.

“It would give me the chance to represent to this great state and educate people and children about the state of North Dakota and how we are so based in agriculture,” said Berntson.

Schmidt said, “The sky’s the limit, I think, after you get something with that prestigious of a title.”

The two contestants will be judged on three things. Horsemanship, appearance, and personality.
The winner will officially be crowned in January as Miss Rodeo North Dakota 2019.

She will then get to travel the state at rodeos and other events. Plus, she will compete at the Miss Rodeo America pageant in Las Vegas next year.

But in the mean time, you can take in the Minot Ys Men’s Rodeo all weekend long.
“It kind of takes you back in time to the frontier and the old cowboys. To see what they did back then and what we continue to do on farms and ranches today,” Berntson said.

You can meet the contestants at the rest of their events happening this weekend.

They’ll also be at the Ys Men’s Rodeo all weekend meeting with people and signing autographs.


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