Missing Your Medications


When it comes to prescription drugs, it seems Americans can be a bit forgetful.

A recent survey shows about one in 4 of us miss some of our prescribed meds.

We’ve all had those days where life gets busy and we forget about the little things like medication.

“You can’t help it if you forget one day, or one morning, or one evening,” said Beaty Kasper, Edgewood Resident.

Beaty Kasper takes seven medications in the morning and another four at night. But she has it all planned out by using a pill organizer that helps her to remember each and every day.

“I know it’s very important,” said Kasper.

According to a study by Truven Health, younger people are the most forgetful when it comes to medication.

45% of individuals under 35 have forgotten to take their prescription, 21% of people from the ages 35-64 have spaced out taking meds, and just 11% of people ages 65 and older reported forgetting a dose.

“In this busy, crazy world, no it’s not surprising that people are missing their meds but it is important that when they do remember them they do start taking them as directed by their physician,” said Rhonda Sather, Edgewood LPN.

For those of us, not as sharp at Beaty.

“The insulin I never forget,” said Kasper.

Every once in awhile it can slip our minds.

“I’ll just go without it instead of starting to mess with you know straightening it out,” said Kasper.

Pharmacists would agree, take the next dose at your regular time.

“If you miss a dose here or there it’s really not that big of a deal,” said Jay Schmidt, Pharmacist.

So, even when our memory isn’t perfect, it’s important to get back on track.

The pharmacist says that another way to track your medication intake is with timer caps.

You put a device on the top of your pill cap and it will display the last time you took a dose.

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