Missouri River Levels Drop – Idle-Only Rule Still in Place

Water levels of the Missouri River have finally started to drop, slowly but surely.

This comes after the Army Corps of Engineers started decreasing releases from the Garrison Dam. They decreased releases from the Garrison dam from 60,000 CFS to 57,000 CFS on Monday. 

The Regulation Forecast schedule says releases from the dam will drop even more today, to 54,000 CFS.
Right now, water levels on the Missouri River are below 13 feet for the first time since June.
However, Major Kelly Leben with the Burleigh Cty. Sheriff’s Dept. says it’s still got quite a ways to go before it’s at a “normal” level.
This means the no-wake rule for boats closer than 200 feet from shore is still in place.
Maj. Leben says some homeowners are still concerned with erosion.

“We’ve gotten some complaints. Some are people didn’t understand the no wake rule, but there’s other people that have concerns. There has been warnings issued by game and fish. They might be creating a fairly good wake and be far enough out, but you still see that wave action hitting the shoreline,” says Maj. Kelly Leben, Burleigh Cty. Sheriff’s Dept.

Again, the Garrison dam is set to drop releases even further today – from 57,000 CFS, to 54,000 CFS.

Leben says that no-wake rule will likely be in place for the rest of the year.

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