Mixed Feelings About Dickinson’s Response to Snowstorm

Snow Removal
Some people are concerned about plows pushing snow to the end of their drive way forcing them to re-shovel, but some say it’s all a part of living in North Dakota.
Kelly Braun has been living in North Dakota for 20 years. He says it’s never fun shoveling or plowing snow.
“It’s part of living here and it’s part of the beauty of living in North Dakota,” he said. 

Braun says the city has done a good job plowing snow, but has heard complaints about snow being pushed on sidewalks and neighborhood driveways after being cleaned. He says, to him, its not much of an issue.

“Where are they going to put the snow,” he said. “Where are they going to go with it.”

Some people throughout the city voiced their concerns about that very issue.

I posted on Facebook asking about people dumping onto sidewalks or onto someone’s driveway. Some complained about the city, others complained about neighbors

One response said someone dumped 6 foot piles of snow in front of their house 

Gwen Amberg lives on the south side of Dickinson. 

She says when plows come through her neighborhood, they push the snow right onto her driveway and sidewalk. 

Her husband has to clean it up.

And if he doesn’t she fears, they’ll get fined, which she thinks is wrong because she says they’re the ones who are pushing it to them.

“When Dickinson ask we have 72 hours to remove that, well what do we do. We have to dig ourselves out,” she said. “We don’t have a snow blower and we’re running out of space on our own lawn.”

She says its unfair to ask people to move 2-3 feet of snow in 72 hours and adds the city should be more lenient on people in a snowstorm of this size.

“There’s 5-6 feet of snow in our yard already and we can’t just keep throwing that up there with a shovel.”

She says she understands the job is hard, but says the city can do a better job in telling citizens what they need to do after a storm.

“If there’s not, you’re going to have a lot to frustrated people that are possibly getting fined then they’re going to be spending time going to city hall and complaining.”

She says she appreciates everything the city and NDDOT do, she just wishes there was a better snow removal response.

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