Model Builders Display Miniatures at ‘Triple “T” Toys Show’


In his free time, Doug Lee enjoys creating scaled down models of massive objects. Recently, he built a 1/64 scale model of a sugarbeet piler. From there, he was encouraged to add more and create a whole scene to enter into a display contest.

“That one, over there, that side dumping trailer, that’s more Southern Minnesota, and I have a friend that challenged me to do that one after I did this one. So I wanted to share both of them on the one table,” says Doug Lee, Model Builder.

“It’s a pretty unique piece. He had this down at the national show in Dyersville, Iowa and, well I saw he was local from Cando, which isn’t that far from here. We were talking, and I just loved his display and I said, ‘If you’re interested, I would love to have you come to our show,'” says Peter Thorpe, Co-Host of Triple “T” Toy Show

At first glance, the model may appear fairly straightforward, but the closer you look, the more you’ll realize he’s included details of everything, from the grains of sand to, even, the Porta Potties.

“There’s a lot of pieces, here, that go into it that I have to handpaint. This piler, right here, took me, probably close to nine hours to paint. So there’s a lot of time consuming parts to it,” says Lee.

The piler, the trailers, and house were all 3-D printed, then each element had to be painted with fine brushes to get the coloring right. The sugarbeets are made out of sesame and mustard seeds and the dirt is actual soil from his garden.

“Just seeing it come from raw materials, you know, the foam -seeing it all come together is what’s satisfying about it,” says Lee.

He has traveled over two thousand miles with his display, to give people a chance to see the sugarbeet receiving station from a different perspective.

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