40 years in prison.
That’s the sentence handed down for Bradley Morales today.

Morales was convicted in May of killing his ex-girlfriend Sharlaine Leake at a Minot apartment in 2017.
Today, Leake’s mother and a good friend of the victim pleaded with the judge to send Morales to prison for life.

(Friend of Victim) “As she was taking her last breath, all I could do was think about the good times, her laugh, her smell, the memories we had together….”
(Mother of Victim) “This man is a broken little boy who’s a grown man and needs serious therapy to work out his issues. He deserves life in prison with no parole because he’s a danger to society.”

The prosecution then argued for a life-without-parole sentence.
But Judge Doug Mattson said the fact that Morales cooperated with police on the scene of the stabbing, and the defense argument that Morales should be given a chance to be rehabilitated, convinced him to settle on a shorter sentence.

The 40-year sentence requires Morales to serve at least 85% – or 34 years – before being considered for parole.
His attorney says Morales plans to appeal.