Closing arguments will be made tomorrow in the trial of Bradley Morales. 
He is accused of stabbing his ex girlfriend to death last August. 
As Jim Olson reports, the jury got to hear from the defendant himself. 

(Bradley Morales, Defendant) “Sometime she went this way and I went that way and I ended up stabbing her.”
(Steven Mottinger, Defense Attorney) “Mr. Morales did you stab her intentionally?”
(Bradley Morales, Defendant) “No sir.”

Bradley Morales made his case directly to jurors saying he loved Sharmaine Leake and never intended to hurt her. 

(Steven Mottinger, Defense Attorney) “At any point was it your intention to use that knife to hurt her?”
(Bradley Morales, Defendant) “No sir. Dumbest decision I ever made in my life was picking up that knife.”

Morales’s testimony came after the prosecution wrapped up its case with the lead detective on the stand. Cole Strandemo said Morales admitted the stabbing and showed classic signs of a domestic violence perpetrator.

(Cole Strandemo, Lead Investigator) “He blamed her for the incident. He told me if she would have just opened her phone or if she’d have stayed upstairs in her room, it wouldn’t have happened.”

The defense repeatedly pointed out Morales took responsibility and showed remorse for his actions.

(Steven Mottinger, Defense Attorney) “He took responsibility for it?”
(Cole Strandemo, Lead Investigator) “He stated he did it, yes.”
(Steven Mottinger, Defense Attorney) “And that was on the very night this incident occurred, correct?”
(Cole Strandemo, Lead Investigator) “Yes.”
(Ashlei Neufeld, Prosecutor) “Would you find it unusual for the person that caused the injury to feel remorse?”
(Cole Strandemo, Lead Investigator) “No.”

The defense rested after again arguing Morales did not intend to kill the mother of their three children. 

(Steven Mottinger, Defense Attorney) “You did everything you could to help her, right?”
(Bradley Morales, Defendant) “Yes sir.”
(Steven Mottinger, Defense Attorney) “Unfortunately you acknowledge, you have to acknowledge the fact that you’re responsible for her death, right?”
(Bradley Morales, Defendant) “Yes sir. I have to live with it every day until I’m dead.”

Jim Olson. KX News.

Jurors will get the case tomorrow and will be allowed to decide from among three crimes: murder, manslaughter, or negligent homicide.