More Mosquitoes = Spraying


After a slow June for mosquito counts in the Williston area, the number of bugs is growing.

Williston Vector Control officials say yesterday they caught at least 100 mosquitoes in a trap for the first time this year.
The trap was located south of Williston and east of Trenton in river bottoms areas.
And that discovery has triggered an order for an aerial application of chemicals to kill adult mosquitoes.

A private plane will be flying over Williston as soon as weather conditions allow.
That could mean tonight or sometime this weekend.

(James Taverna, Williston Vector Control) “It’s very efficient to use the plane. You see better results from the spray just from how the chemical falls. It treats a larger area and is typically much more effective than a truck spray.”

Taverna says Vector Control has trapped fewer than ten culex tarsalis mosquitoes this year.
Those are the bugs that carry West Nile Virus.
But so far they are very few in number in the Williston area.

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