More support offered for hard-hit ranchers

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Today Governor Doug Burgum and State Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring pledged to use every available tool to help drought-stricken ranchers through the current crisis. 

The governor signed an order waiving distance restrictions for hay and water haulers and made an additional $75,000 available for the livestock water supply program.

Burgum signed an executive order today that suspended the 150-mile limit on the distance that farm license vehicles can transport livestock, hay and water supplies from an operator’s farm.

Earlier this week, the governor signed a separate executive order that waived the hours of service and weight limits for commercial haulers supporting drought-stricken ranchers.

The livestock water supply program was re-activated about three weeks ago. Today, Burgum announced the authorization by the State Water Commission for an additional $75,000 of funding. The program has already approved 80 water supply projects, using all of the initial funding of $250,000. 

More than 80 ranchers and resident attended the town hall meeting in Golden Valley; many sharing their stories and struggles of managing during the drought.

“Extreme drought has created a full-blown crisis in western and central North Dakota, pushing many family farmers and ranchers into survival mode,” Burgum said. “Agriculture is the bedrock of our communities and our economy, and the pain of this drought will be felt across North Dakota, from Main Street to the State Capitol. Our livestock producers are especially hard-hit, and we’re committed to seeing them – and all North Dakotans – through this extraordinarily stressful time.”

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