More Women On 2018 Election Ballot

Bismarck – When you go vote, you might notice a more diverse ballot this year. You can head to the polls to cast your vote in a week from tomorrow.  And this time, more women are running for office.

2018 is going to end up as a record year for women in politics, but while everyone seems to be talking about a possible democratic blue wave coming next Tuesday, it’s the possible pink wave that may end up altering federal and state governments for decades to come.

Over 250 women this year will be on U.S. House and Senate ballots this year, including Senator Heidi Heitkamp here in North Dakota, a record number that’s a record number. But why…UMary Political Scientist Dr Mark Springer tells KX News…

“It could be Hillary Clinton inspiring some people, some women to run, or it could be other visible republican women that are running for office as well. The Me Too movement can contribute to that, ummm, but part of that too is kinda the general rule of women in other areas of society as well.” said Springer.

Here in North Dakota, nearly 25-percent more women are on the ballot this year than in 2014…that includes three running for state-wide office and 47 running for a seat in the state legislature. One of those is Brandi Jude, she’s running to represent District 47 in the state Senate and tells me there’s an excitement towards the amount of women seeking office this year.

“We have more support, from you know, our partners, our friends and or our collegues, and that really encourages us to persue that seat in office, and with that we also have more confidence in knowing we have the ability to truly look at issues from a different angle and from a different perspective.” Said Jude

Jude is also part of a larger group of women running for office this year who have military experience

and could give the pink wave a camouflage hue…Women have also spilled into numerous Governors races across the country with 16 women running for the highest office in their particular state.

Now, no matter what happens come election day, one thing we know for sure is that women have already planted their foot in changing the landscape of politics from here on out.

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