Mother’s Day at the Dakota Zoo

How do you spend your Mother’s Day? Some have brunch, some have family gatherings and other creative ideas. KX News spoke with families at the Dakota Zoo on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and honor mothers all across the world.

“I love that my mommy is always nice to me and she sings my favorite lullaby everynight. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray,” said Alli Beckers, North Dakota resident. 

 And on this Mother’s Day, there was lots of sunshine at the Dakota Zoo.  

“Being a mother is just an awesome gift. I have been blessed with three wonderful children, seven grandchildren and they are with me almost all the time,” said Donita Hale, North Dakota resident.

Some families follow traditions on this special day. 

“My favorite thing is when my mom invites everyone and we all have a big celebration in the morning and we have brunch,” said Ashlynn Rath, North Dakota resident.

Mothers Day was created in 1914 and some say there are tricks of the trade when it comes to motherhood.

“Patience is huge because sometimes they push all your buttons and you do your best to make it the best that it can be,” said Heather Blum, North Dakota resident.

 Even spouses showed love to their significant other on this special day.

“I appreciate her cooking, I appreciate meeting her many years ago. She has taken care of me all these years and because of that, I stopped drinking,” said James Hale, North Dakota resident.  

You can’t forget about the many things they do. 

“She feeds me every single day,” said Jace Beckers. 

“She is a strong believer in God, so whatever we are doing just believe that he is there and he will get you through whatever,” said Olivia Geiger, North Dakota resident.

With that being said, it seems that motherhood is a rewarding experience, as a human and animal. 

As a way to say thanks, moms received a dollar off of admission and a free train ticket at the Dakota Zoo. 

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