The KX Sports Show is going strong at the State Fair Center in Minot.
There are hundreds of boats, RVs, campers, and so much more at this year’s show.
Sure there are boats, ATVs, campers, and motorcycles of every size here.
But the only movie star in the place is Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel.

(Chuck Best, Twiggy’s Owner) “They’ve been in movies, TV shows, commercials…”

For almost 40 years – a squirrel named Twiggy has been performing on waterskis to audiences around the world.

(Chuck Best, Twiggy’s Owner) “You put a camera in front of them – or people – they’ll actually ski better.”

Chuck Best’s father stumbled upon the idea of putting a squirrel on skis when he joked to a friend about why he had bought a remote control boat for his daughter back in 1979.

(Chuck Best, Twiggy’s Owner) “I’m learning how to drive the boat so I can teach my squirrel how to water ski.”

And Twiggy was born. The first was an orphan the family was caring for. Now, four decades later?

(Chuck Best, Twiggy’s Owner) “We are on Twiggy number 9 and 10.”

You might notice that Twiggy now wears a life vest – and there’s even a K9 lifeguard on duty. But the life jacket is no joke. It’s a result of a tragic accident that took the life of Chuck’s father in 1997.

(Chuck Best, Twiggy’s Owner) “My dad was on a houseboat with my grandfather. He fell off the boat, my dad jumped in and lost his life saving his.”

Ever since, part of Twiggy’s act is to promote water safety – it’s a feature of every show.
Another feature? The fun that kids and adults alike derive from watching a tiny creature scoot across the water. And the squirrels do it for love.

(Chuck Best, Twiggy’s Owner) “They love attention. So we give them a lot of affection and they enjoy it.”

You can show your affection for Twiggy here at the KX Sports Show this weekend.
There are four shows Saturday and two more on Sunday – they’re free with your admission to the Sports Show.