North Dakota officials are praising the sales of the Coal Creek Station and transmission system to Rainbow Energy, effectively saving nearly 300 jobs in the greater Underwood region.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum: “This is a great day for North Dakota, a big win for U.S. energy security and reliability, and a huge sigh of relief for the residents of McLean County, Underwood and surrounding communities in coal country who depend on the jobs and economic activity generated by Coal Creek and the nearby Falkirk Mine. It’s also great news for the regional power grid and consumers who depend on the reliable, affordable electricity that coal provides.”

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer: “Today’s announcement is excellent news for the employees of Coal Creek Station and Falkirk Mine, and it’s a prime example what can be done with North Dakota entrepreneurs and innovation. Coal Creek is the perfect acquisition for a creative company like Rainbow which knows how to market energy, understands the American energy marketplace, and appreciates the value of the reliable, low-cost energy we have here in our state. Congratulations to their leaders and to those at GRE, and to our local leaders like Governor Burgum and Lieutenant Governor Sanford, who was instrumental during these negotiations. I stand ready to support this purchase however possible.”

N.D. Congressman Kelly Armstrong: “Rainbow Energy Center’s announcement is welcome news and great relief not only for the hundreds of workers employed at Coal Creek Station, but for everyone who calls coal country home. Their commitment to using carbon capture and storage is in line with our state’s leadership on this technology, which is critical to the future success of reliable baseload power. North Dakota is known as a powerhouse of the nation, and I am proud to be a voice for our energy workers fueling the world.”

U.S. Senator John Hoeven: “We worked hard with the companies and our state’s leadership to find a solution to keep Coal Creek Station in operation, and today’s announcement of Rainbow Energy purchasing Coal Creek leverages the opportunity to crack the code on carbon capture technology in North Dakota, allowing us to utilize our abundant coal resources while reducing emissions.”