N.D. ranks 4th for best retirement states


If you’re about to retire, you might consider North Dakota, ranked as the 4th best state in which to retire.

Business finance and personal investment adviser Kiplinger ranked the 50 states on financial items important to retirees, such as living expenses, tax burdens, health care costs, household incomes, poverty rates and the economic wellness of the state itself.

When the statistical dust settled, North Dakota came in at 4 in the rankings.

Kiplinger says just of 14 percent ofg the population is 65 years or age and older, a relatively high number compared to other states.

The average household income for the 65 plus crowd is $46,763.

With annual health care costs for seniors at $414, below the national average, and a cost of living just 1 percent above the national average, Kiplinger likes the financial numbers for retiring to The Peace Garden state.

“Plus, the state ranks second-highest for fiscal soundness, indicating that the economic health is stable enough to sustain a friendly tax environment,” Kiplinger states.

The three states that rank higher than North Dakota for retirement?

South Dakota tops the list, followed by Hawaii and Georgia.

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