Welcome to September 30th on the National Day Calendar. While chewing gum may seem like a modern invention, it’s actually been around for 9,000 years. The ancient Aztecs chewed something called CHEEclay, although they had to follow certain rules of etiquette. Children and unmarried women could chew it in public, but everyone else had to chew it at home. CHEEclay became the main ingredient in chewing gum in the mid 1800s, but it wasnt until the early 1900s that gum became popular. Thats when William Wrigley, Jr. launched an all out campaign, mailing free samples of his gum to every person in the phonebook. Apparently, this move paid off big! On National Chewing Gum Day, celebrate the freedom to chew wherever you please, though keeping it quiet is still appreciated. Im Marlo Anderson with the National Day Calendar. See you again tomorrow as we Celebrate Every Day!