90-Year-Old Woman Gets a Sweet Surprise

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CBS (Williamsville, NY)– A 90-year-old woman in hospice gets a sweet surprise on her husband’s 91st birthday.

George and Norma Pearlman have been married and living in Western New York for 67 years.

As they got older, they agreed they wanted to stay in their home. On Thursday, the couple got a sweet treat.

They were not only celebrating George’s birthday but also fulfilling Norma’s dying wish.

At 90 years old, Norma has entered hospice, which allows them to stay in the house.

Lately, she’s been wanting to visit an ice cream shop, but she can’t leave home. As George’s birthday approached, their son-in-law, Paul Kramer, had an idea.

To the couple’s surprise, Sweet Melody’s food truck showed up at their driveway on George’s birthday, bringing the ice cream shop to Norma at no charge.

Norma Pearlman shares, “Every night, I say I want ice cream before I go to bed.”

George Pearlman laughs, “Now I’m sure she’s not going to have dinner. So, who cares.”

Norma finally felt satisfied. She enjoyed two helpings of chocolate and coffee ice cream, one in a sugar cone, and one in a dish.

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