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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Better Business Bureau is warning of a new scam concerning the COVID-19 vaccine as people celebrate getting the vaccine.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine can be a relief and a happy moment for many. The kind of thing in life we like to share with others, especially on social media. But the Better Business Bureau says hold on — think twice before you post that selfie holding your COVID-19 vaccination card.

“Unfortunately there’s just a few too many pieces of information or could be on there. It could be where you get your health care provided, it could have your insurance information on it, as well as the type of vaccine you got and that sort of thing,” said Jessie Schmidt.

Schmidt, the State Director of the Better Business Bureau in South Dakota, says it’s not just personal information scammers could be after. They can use real cards to make phony ones. In fact, scammers are already selling fake vaccination cards online in Great Britain.

“Scammers are selling these cards, to people that don’t want to be vaccinated, but need a card, for whatever, to travel, for their work, whatever it could be,” said Schmidt.

And the Better Business Bureau warns it’s only a matter of time before that starts in the U.S. So here’s what can you do. Post a picture with a sticker, that says “I got my COVID-19 vaccine.”

They don’t have stickers at all vaccination sights, so you can make your own. The CDC actually has these official sticker sheets you can print out for free. A way to celebrate and keep your personal information safe.

Here’s the link to print the stickers.

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