With cold weather reaching parts of the country, it’s time to think about how to drive in winter weather conditions. The Federal Highway Administration reports that 11 percent of all vehicle crashes happen due to winter weather, so it’s important to take extra precautions when the temperature changes.

The team over at Motor1 set out to learn if Americans who drive in winter weather adequately prepare for the harsh conditions, and to discover how most people feel about driving during the season.

After surveying 2,000 Americans who reported driving in winter weather conditions at least once per year, they are ready to share the results.

The first thing they learned was how Americans who drive in winter prepare for it and about their perceptions of safety when on the road.

Roughly 60 percent of those surveyed feel either safe or very safe when driving during the winter, with only about 17 percent stating that they feel unsafe or very unsafe driving during the colder season.

Men who drive in winter are more likely to feel secure doing so, with about 70 percent of men surveyed saying they feel either safe or very safe compared to only around 50 percent of women.

About 22 percent of women who drive in winter weather report feeling unsafe or very unsafe, compared to only about 13 percent of men driving in winter.

Ironically, the men who were surveyed report getting into more accidents in winter weather than the participants who were women.

Also, nearly half of those who drive in winter and report feeling safe or very safe have been in a car accident caused by the season.

In contrast, only about a third of winter drivers who report feeling unsafe or very unsafe have experienced a winter-related accident.

As you can see, just because you are confident in your driving, does not mean you shouldn’t drive carefully and cautiously.

It’s always best to prepare yourself and your car, but know that accidents can still happen.