(NEXSTAR) – A new study of America’s most-purchased hot sauces seems to suggest that the U.S. is divided by its love for specific spicy brands — and that North Dakota stands alone in its favorite brand.

The study, conducted by Instacart, looked at sales from every hot sauce offered on the platform over the last year to determine which brand was most popular in each state. The results quite clearly show broad preferences for Frank’s RedHot and Cholula across large swaths of the country, albeit with sprinklings of other well-known brands and regional favorites.

Tabasco, for instance, is the most popular purchase in Louisiana, where the McIlhenny Company is headquartered. And Texas Pete, which is ironically made in North Carolina, is naturally a favorite in the Tar Heel State and also its neighboring states on the Eastern Seaboard. (It is not, however, the favorite purchase among Instacart shoppers in Texas.)

There were, of course, a few interesting outliers. In California, Instacart shoppers purchased more Tapatio than any other hot sauce, thereby preventing Cholula from making a clean sweep of the West. A handful of states in the Midwest also appear to prefer Burman’s Hot Sauce, perhaps because Burman’s — which draws comparisons to Frank’s RedHot — is a more moderately priced brand sold at Aldi supermarkets.

And when it comes to hot sauce North Dakota’s choice — Village Hot Sauce — is the top choice, the only type of hot sauce picked out of the rest of the states.

Village Hot Sauce is made in Grand Forks and distributed throughout the state and in numerous other states. It was created 30 years ago and is sold in round, plastic containers. Most people would recognize it as a salsa, but the Village creators write on their web page, “don’t call us that.” It’s used in the same foods where typical hot sauce is added. There is also a Village Mild Sauce that is most often used as a salsa.

To help illustrate the overall nationwide findings, Instacart provided a saucy map which “brings to life how divided we are when it comes to hot sauce,” according to the company.

The study, conducted by Instacart, looked at sales from every hot sauce offered on the platform between Oct. 2020 and Sept. 2021
The study, conducted by Instacart, looked at sales from every hot sauce brand offered on the platform between Oct. 2020 and Sept. 2021. (Instacart)

Curious to learn which sauce outsells the rest in your part of the country? Have a look at the complete list of each state’s most popular brands below, according to Instacart’s purchase data.

  • Alabama – Frank’s RedHot
  • Alaska – Tabasco
  • Arizona – Cholula
  • Arkansas – Louisiana
  • California – Tapatio
  • Colorado – Cholula
  • Connecticut – Frank’s RedHot
  • Delaware – Frank’s RedHot
  • Florida – Cholula
  • Georgia – Texas Pete
  • Hawaii – Tabasco
  • Idaho – Cholula
  • Illinois – Cholula
  • Indiana – Frank’s RedHot
  • Iowa – Burman’s
  • Kansas – Tabasco
  • Kentucky – Frank’s RedHot
  • Louisiana – Tabasco
  • Maine – Frank’s RedHot
  • Maryland – Frank’s RedHot
  • Massachusetts – Frank’s RedHot
  • Michigan – Frank’s RedHot
  • Minnesota – Frank’s RedHot
  • Mississippi – Louisiana
  • Missouri – Burman’s
  • Montana – Cholula
  • Nebraska – Cholula
  • Nevada – Cholula
  • New Hampshire – Frank’s RedHot
  • New Jersey – Frank’s RedHot
  • New Mexico – Cholula
  • New York – Frank’s RedHot
  • North Carolina – Texas Pete
  • North Dakota – Village Hot Sauce
  • Ohio – Frank’s RedHot
  • Oklahoma – Cholula
  • Oregon – Cholula
  • Pennsylvania – Burman’s
  • Rhode Island – Frank’s RedHot
  • South Carolina – Texas Pete
  • South Dakota – Burman’s
  • Tennessee – Frank’s RedHot
  • Texas – Cholula
  • Utah – Cholula
  • Vermont – Frank’s RedHot
  • Virginia – Texas Pete
  • Washington – Cholula
  • Washington, D.C. – Cholula
  • West Virginia – Frank’s RedHot
  • Wisconsin – Frank’s RedHot
  • Wyoming – Cholula

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