The U.S. Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2020, with 51 for and 50 against today.

It was a straight party-line vote. Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking vote.

Rousing applause in the Senate Chamber after VP Harris announced the vote result.

After the bill’s passage, a news conference was held by the Senate Majority Leader, where he said “the legislation marks a turning point in our nation’s commitment to protect our planet.”

“This is sort of like the creation of the EPA and the passage of the Clean Air Act half a century ago. The legislation marks a turning point in our nation’s commitment to protect our planet. And the Senate has finally also taken on Big Pharma and will, after decades of trying, be able to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. The Inflation Reduction Act is going to lower prescription drug costs for seniors, and that’s going too long. Ever since I got here from the Senate in 1999, we’ve been trying to do this. And finally, we have in a major way, and don’t forget, we kept the price of insulin for seniors on Medicare at $35 a month. This was added to the bill yesterday. And it’s a big, big win for millions of seniors, according to CMS. One in every three Medicare beneficiaries has diabetes. 3.3 million Medicare beneficiaries use one or more of the common forms of insulin. In 2017, Republicans passed legislation that added $2 trillion to the deficit using reconciliation. This Senate Democratic-led Senate has passed a bill that does all of the above and still reduces the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars. And Sen. Joe Manchin was alert to this problem early and left his real imprint on this bill with deficit reduction,” said the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer.

Vice president Kamala Harris also spoke with reporters saying quote, “Today is a great day!” end quote.

In response to the Inflation Reduction Act, Senator John Hoeven is offering an amendment to it.

As part of his ongoing efforts to push back on the Democrats’ $740 billion tax and spending bill, Senator John Hoeven today introduced an amendment to combat inflation and prevent the bill from going into effect.

Specifically, the senator’s amendment would send the bill to committee and prevent it from being implemented until the inflation levels for groceries, gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, and housing all go below January 2021 levels.