Today we celebrate the official dessert of Boston, Massachusetts.

Welcome to October 23rd on the National Day Calendar. 

When it comes to dessert, Boston Cream Pie has a confusing name.  

With its delicious layers of sponge cake, paired with pastry cream and a shiny coat of chocolate, one has to wonder why it is called a pie.  

At the time the dessert was created, cakes and pies were baked in the same pans.

Thus, their names became interchangeable.

The dessert was created by a French pastry chef at the Parker House Hotel in Boston in the late 1800s.  What landed this creation on the map was the accessibility of a new ingredient, baking chocolate. 

The glistening layers of melted chocolate probably influenced the decision to make it the official dessert of Massachusetts in 1996.   

On National Boston Cream Pie Day, celebrate the sweet dessert with a confusing name.