Today we celebrate the extraordinary deeds of an ordinary breed of dog.

Welcome to July 31st on the National Day Calendar.

Nobody is really sure how Owney, a scruffy little dog, came to be at a post office in Albany, NY.

 But one day he just started showing up and became a part of the team.

People speculate that Owney was attracted to the smell of the leather mail bags, which he would follow around, including onto trucks and trains! Soon he was escorting mail carriers all around the state and the country.

At each new location, the workers would add a tag to his collar, marking his travels.

 Owney collected so many tags that the Postmaster General ordered him a custom harness to wear instead of the collar.

He became so important to the US Postal Service that the little mutt was given his own special memorial in the Smithsonian Institution.

On National Mutt Day, celebrate the ordinary breeds that find a special place in our hearts.