Today we celebrate getting to the good stuff with a creamy custard that stands on its own.

Welcome to August 27th on the National Day Calendar.  Pots of cream may not sound delicious but pot de creme deserves its own celebration.

Think of it as a cousin to creme brulee. 

Both are made with simple ingredients of cream, eggs, and flavorings that are baked into pots or individual ramekins for a super-rich and creamy flavor.

Today most people think of pot de creme as a chocolate dessert though its texture is close to a vanilla custard.

In the Middle Ages this creamy concoction was used to fill pies and tarts or crustade, which is how we came by the name custard.

By the 17th century, people realized that the cream was the best part anyway and pots of cream became a dessert on their own.

On National Pots De Creme Day, celebrate getting to the good stuff with this decadent dessert!