Today we celebrate the genius invention that took a global village to create.

Welcome to August 20th on the National Day Calendar.

While some inventions are created by just one genius, the radio was born from a meeting of the minds.  Oddly enough, these pioneers never sat down together.

 In Germany, the research of Heinrich Hertz proved that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly.

From Croatia, Nikola Tesla provided the Tesla coil.

And the first commercially available wireless was thanks to the Italian-born Marconi. 

His technology was first used by the military, but it was a Marconi wireless that broadcast the distress signal from the Titanic.

 Broadcast stations began airing programs in the 1920s that featured news from around the globe, and when entertainment followed, the world became synchronized by the power of sound. 

On National Radio Day we celebrate this invention that is truly a melting pot of genius.