Today we celebrate late bloomers who took the world by storm.

Welcome to August 21st on the National Day Calendar.  

If the term over the hill has you reaching for a bottle of hair color, maybe you need some perspective.  

There are plenty of senior citizens who made a splash that launched their golden years into the stratosphere. 

Take the Long Island comedian who didn’t land his lucky break until his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show at age 46. 

While he may have gotten no respect in his junior years, his appearance in Caddyshack at age 59 launched an enviable career for Rodney Dangerfield. 

Other notable seniors, such as the figure skater and editor turned dress designer, did not even hit her stride till after age 40.  

Today, style maven Vera Wang is a fashion icon in her 70s. 

On National Senior Citizens Day, celebrate the folks who know that it’s never too late to make your mark!