BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Welcome to January 8th on the National Day Calendar! Today, we celebrate the strange truth behind our keyboards and typewriters.

If you’ve ever looked at the top row of your keyboard, then you’ve noticed the made up word QWERTY. But why don’t we use something more intuitive like alphabetizing the letters? It turns out that the design was proprietary on purpose.

The Remington company began producing typewriters based on the design of Christopher Latham Sholes, who came up with the QWERTY arrangement.  When the company sold these typewriters, they also held training sessions on how to use them. This is similar to what Microsoft or Apple does today. This keyboard arrangement has been around so long that everyone just accepts it as normal. 

By the way, the word typewriter can be typed using only the top row of your keyboard.

 On World Typing Day celebrate at your own speed, even if you’re in the hunt-and-peck lane.