New ‘smart collar’ and app gives pets a voice

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A high-tech dog collar is giving canines a new voice, analyzing barks so owners know how their pet is feeling.

Six-year-old Godot is happy playing with her owner….or is she?

This smart collar is giving the border collie a new voice to tell people how she feels.

“With this device, we humans can understand and communicate better, more accurately, more effectively,” said Andrew Gil/Petpuls, Director of Global Marketing

The AI-powered collar compares a dog’s bark to a database of more than 10,000 samples from 50 breeds of canines — big and small.

Moon Sae-Mi, Godot’s owner, says the device revealed Godot gets angry when she loses a game, but feels safe at home, even when she’s alone.

“When dog barks that signifies there’s some need for dog,” said Gil.

South Korean company Petpuls says its algorithm can determine a dog’s five emotional states: Happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad.

The more barking data they get, the more accurate the results.

U.S. company Akvelon developed similar technology to translate a cat’s meow. Meow Talk is an app that helps owners better understand their feline friends.

Creators of these devices say listening to our pets is especially relevant during the pandemic, when many people are adopting pets to have some company at home.

“But unfortunately, some of them abandon their dogs due to miscommunications,” said Gil.

Gil says the smart collar is crucial to help dog owners understand their pet’s emotions and what triggers them.

Something “puppy dog eyes” can’t always reveal.

The smart collar sells for $99 but there’s some bad news for dogs who prefer an easy life, as it also has an activity tracker to work out how many calories it has burned.

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