BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Black Friday is on the horizon, and tomorrow, many of us will be headed to stores in hopes of snatching the best bargains. The question is, where are they located?

With so many retailers offering huge discounts on big-ticket items, the same item can be discounted at different rates, and by the time you’re done comparing the prices across stores, the things you want might already be sold out.

To help identify the ideal retailers to hit for the holiday shopping event, WalletHub looked over nearly 4,000 deals from 16 of the United States’ biggest retailers and the Black Friday deals they offered, and calculated the average discount of each retailer. This average discount was then weighed against the pre-discounted price of items to give more credit to retailers discounting high-ticket items.

The following is a list of the average discounts by retailer this year from your favorite retail outlets, as well as the overall average price reduction you can hope to see at big box marts:

RetailerAverage Discount
JC Penny64.7%
Office Depot/Officemax49.9%
Big Lots32.9%
Academy Sports + Outdoors31.1%
The Home Depot30.9%
Best Buy22.9%
Overall Average37.2%

WalletHub was also able to provide lists of the stores with the best discounts on certaion hot themes throughout Black Friday, as well as the overall number of discounts by category and where Black Friday specials are most concentrated.

2022 best retailers for black friday v7

Even with this knowledge of rates and discounts, though, it’s advised to take a few precautions before you go on your bargain-fueled blitz. Knowing how to distinguish between real deals and marketing traps, avoiding overspending, and knowing when to buy something on Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday can be great tools to help you get the most bang for your buck. On Wallethub’s page listing the information captured in their study, several PHDs weight in on the subject and how to go on a safer shopping spree.

The full study is available at this link.