A Boston dog walker has taken his service to the next level. Steven Watson has been walking dogs for decades, but it’s the pictures he snaps of his furry clients all around town that have gained him a new following.

For the past several years, Watson has been posing his pups and posting pictures. One shot recently went viral when a passerby snapped him in action on Boston’s Longfellow Bridge.

“It got a lot of traction on Twitter and pretty soon my Instagram was blowing up,” he said.

Watson’s canine clients follow him around town for hours each day, stopping for pictures at landmark locations or wherever inspiration strikes.

“I get the best results when they’re a bit tired, but not totally wiped out,” Watson said.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Magnus, a Labrador retriever, had to try out for “The Pied Pack.” He has since become a local celebrity.

“We’ve had maybe, I want to say, four or five encounters where people have come up and been like, ‘Oh, excuse me, is that Magnus? I follow him on Pied Dog Walker account, and I just wanted to say hi,’” said Krister Svensson, Magnus’s owner.

Svensson says Watson bonds with the dogs from day one.

“He’s not just their dog walker, he’s really their best friend.”

Watson says he gets one good shot for every 30 he snaps. And he doesn’t use treats. He says the secret is trust.