U.S. Senator Suggests ‘Disarming Hate’

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NEXSTAR (DC)– One US Senator says anyone who has been convicted of any sort of hate crime should not be allowed to own a gun.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey introduced a bill that would make that law.
He calls it the Disarm Hate Act.

Casey is a Democrat but Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has so far refused to take up any gun legislation.

Washington Correspondent Morgan Wright reports the NRA hates Casey’s bill and is urging Senators to let it die.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey says guns shouldn’t be in the hands of people convicted of a hate crime.

The Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania explains, “We know over and over again a misdemeanor hate crime often leads to a violent felony with a gun.”

Casey’s bill – the Disarm Hate Act is designed to curtail the nation’s problem with gun violence. Lawmakers have passed gun reform in the Democratic-controlled House, but the Republican-controlled Senate won’t vote on the bills.

Casey points the blame at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

SenHe adds, “…refused to allocate time for debate and votes, debate and votes, over and over again.”

Senator Casey says in addition to universal background check legislation, his bill should be taken up as well.

He shares, “The broader issue is this even prior to the horror of Friday in Virginia, the Senate should be debating and voting on common sense gun measures.”

NRA Spokesperson Lars Dalseide says, “Our biggest problem is they’re trying to create laws that make law abiding citizens criminals.”

Lars Dalseide with the NRA thinks the legislation is designed to criminalize legal gun owners.

He explains, “They’re not looking at the people who are using the firearms illegally, you have people who break the law with a firearm then charge them with that.”

So far, there are no signs the Senate will allow a vote on any gun legislation.

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