A sign reading “Ladybug lives here” on the front door of an apartment in Ukraine’s Dnipro gives a hint of what lies inside.

Its inhabitant is Nadiia Komarova, well-known for her Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest collection of ladybug-themed items.

Komarova wears a scarf with a ladybug pattern: black dots on red background. Two ladybug-shaped pendants adorn her neck and a massive bracelet with a gold-coloured ladybug is on her wrist.

In November 2019, Komarova’s collection of 5,555 items was included in that year’s Guinness World Records. Since then, it expanded to more than 20,000 unique items, Komarova said.

Every wall, shelf or sofa in Komarova’s apartment is occupied with different collectibles – from mass market soft toys and handmade dolls, to kitchen utensils, including a kettle, glass jars, and salt and pepper containers.

Paintings featuring ladybugs of various sizes and forms decorate the walls, and her fridge is fully covered with ladybug-themed magnets.

Komarova’s collection started in 2009 when a friend gifted her a ladybug-shaped brooch, and said the items with the greatest financial value are silver jewellery and figurines and coins.

But the most treasured things are those given to her by other people, Komarova said, relating a story of when a little girl personally gave her a ladybug-themed headband or when she was sent drawings by children in an orphanage in Donetsk.

Despite the interest in her collection, Komarova does not want to allow members of the public into the home she shares with her children and cat.

But “it is silly to store this beautiful collection behind closed doors” Komarova said, adding that she had a dream to turn the collection into an exhibition or a museum.