Native American voters discuss issues with Heidi Heitkamp

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Native American voters got the chance to hear from candidate Heidi Heitkamp today ahead of the November election. This comes at an important time after the Supreme Court decided to stay a decision on the new North Dakota voter ID requirement. The decision especially affects many in the Native American population.

The meeting talked about the most important issues going on in the Native American community. Some of the top issues being discussed were access to affordable housing and job opportunities. Executive Director of the Native American Development Center, Lorriane Davis, says their biggest goal is to get voters informed on the issues.

“The Native American Development Center is not influencing Native American constituents on how to vote. It is just to provide both the platforms equally in the same manor same questions so that the constituents are able to make an informed decision,” says Davis. 

Jaelyn CrowsBreast, a student at United Tribes Technical College says it is not only important to get educated on the election for herself but she thinks it’s important for all Native Americans to hear more on the issues important to Indian Country.

“I think its important to get your own opinion and I feel like it’s going to help me in making my own decision instead of people influenced by my family or my friends. Learning on how to have a voice for myself basically,” says CrowsBreast.

The Native American Development Center will also be holding the same event for candidate, Kevin Cramer, on Monday at the Harvest Grill in Mandan from 10 am to noon.

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