ND Elite Swim Camp

An Olympic swimmer has arrived in Minot to help coach young athletes for the ND Elite Swim Camp.
Hannah Davis has the story.
Three years ago, Matt Lowe noticed a lack of swim camps in North Dakota and decided to create the ND Elite Swim Camp.
“We challenge them. We push them. Probably more so than they would be at their normal practices or maybe all season. But, you know, getting them out of their comfort zone -that’s what this is all about.” said Matt Lowe, Swim Coach.
“I love the camp. I like how competitive all the swimmers are, and encouraging.” said Cheyenne Lang, Swimmer.
“And the big part about that is they create relationships with one another and it makes it a little bit easier to push those boundaries when they know they have a teammate next to them doing the same thing.” said Matt Lowe, Swim Coach.
Although swimming takes place within the water, this camp also focuses on what happens outside of the water to help the swimmers improve their strokes.
“It’s much more personalized. We can do stuff like yoga classes, nutrition classes, stuff like that. And pay attention to them a little bit more in the water or out of the water and create a little bit better relationship.” said Matt Lowe, Swim Coach.
“Because if I do something wrong, they’ll correct me, and then I’ll learn how to do -how to get better and stay with that technique.” said Jayden Porter, Swimmer.
“You come to swim camp, people just think you’re in the water the whole time, but you’re not. You’re doing everything that makes you a better athlete overall. And I like that they bring in, like, new Olympians every year. Like Jimmy’s here this year and so that’s cool to meet him.” said Hannah Zaderaka, Swimmer.
“They’re working and they’re swimming hours a day. And they’re trying to attain these goals, so I’m kind of here to show them that it does happen. It’s not just some far away thing that -it’s not, you know, from Never Neverland. This is actually something that can happen. It’s always great to come here and see these kids that are just -they just want to get better. They just want to learn. It’s not about the medals, it’s not about the awards, or the fame or the money or anything. It’s about just getting a little bit faster, to drop that second, to get to that hand on the wall. So, to be a part of that journey that experience with them is really rewarding for me personally.” said Jimmy Feigen, Olympic Swimmer.
These athletes are all putting in long hours and hard work to achieve their goals.
In Minot, Hannah Davis, KX News.
The camp will finish up tomorrow evening with a barbeque and awards ceremony for the athletes and their parents.

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