North Dakota Highway Patrol Sergeant Wade Kadrmas shared all the reasons why the department is ramping up efforts making their patrol cars less easy to identify.

“I think that the unique thing would be the decals on how they’re less conspicuous during the daytime at least. At night they’re still going to be reflective,” Kadrmas said.

The new vehicle will help troopers catch drivers who are speeding, tailgating, and even driving distracted.

“We hope that it will help us identify those individuals that consistently are showing that type of bad driving behaviors,” Kadrmas said.

To prepare for regular patrolling with the vehicle, there will be a testing stage.

“We’ll evaluate how this vehicle does and go from there. Troopers are still going to be assigned a marked patrol car because there’s no doubt that visibility helps deter unsafe driving behaviors as well,” Kadrmas said.

The patrol car will be assigned to officers to use during increased traffic areas or peak periods.

“There’s always been talk amongst troopers and stuff about different methods we can do to increase our effectiveness in dealing with traffic safety and this is one of them,” Kadrmas said.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol does encourage drivers to be safe, alert, and responsible, following all traffic laws. They plan to expand this program to the Western side of the state in the future, but for now, it will be tested in the Fargo area.