The Department of Human Services’ Behavior Health Division is partnering with the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center to conduct a statewide survey, with the aim to help combat substance abuse in communities across North Dakota.

The Division of Behavioral Health currently supports 26 community grantees led by both tribes and local public health units, which plan to put more evidence-based practices in place to prevent these substance abuse situations and their consequences.

In order to do this, they have begun by issuing a survey to the residents of North Dakota.

These community readiness surveys are conducted roughly every two years, with the previous survey being completed in 2019. With these surveys, residents of the state will be able to share their concerns about substance abuse- as well as how it is handled in the state.

“North Dakota communities and tribes are coming together and investing in substance abuse prevention with a common goal to create safe and healthy individuals, families, businesses, and communities,” said Behavioral Health Division Assistant Director Laura Anderson in a press release. “The survey is a way to measure progress and areas needing more attention.”

The survey results, she says, will help improve North Dakota’s drug and alcohol prevention efforts by both local and state organizations to ensure that the most common problems in state communities are being addressed in the most effective way possible.

The survey is being conducted now through July, and forms will be distributed by mail. For more information, visit the Behavioral Division’s website.