ND Man Travels to Save Dogs in TX

People around our state are reaching out to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.
And that includes four-legged victims.
Jim Olson took a trip to Belcourt to bring us the story of one man who is heading to Texas.

It wasn’t hard for me to find Keith Benning in the parking lot where we met near Belcourt – he’s the one with the canoe strapped to his pickup.

“It’s extra wide, it’s rubber. We’re going to try that because I know there are some areas where they’ve got high water and then it goes to dry for a while so it’s easy to drag,” said Keith Benning, Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue.

He figures this vessel will be perfect for getting to and rescuing dogs that have become stranded by the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey.

“We’ve got experience doing rescues and it sounds like that’s what they need,” said Benning.

Denning and his wife run Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. He says the images of animals in danger from the storm moved him to load up his pickup.

“We’ve got towels, boot dryer because I know we’re going to have wet boots every day…” said Benning.

With enough supplies to be self sufficient for seven days – and head south.

“Just kind of get down there, see what we can do to help and play it by ear,” said Benning.

He’s looking for help in funding this mission – and asks anyone who can help to check out his Facebook page. Already he’s had lots of support.

“It’s been overwhelming support. We had a lot of responses from people who wanted to come down and help. We’re keeing it small for just two of us going down because we’re going into areas that are going to be flooded out. We’re set up for that,” said Benning.

And if it seems like he’s plunging into the unknown – you’re right, he feels the same, but he says he’s got the background to deal with just about anything.

“I used to repo cars in the projects in Chicago so I figure I can swing this,” said Benning.

Now, he’s hoping to repo some lost dogs and bring them to safety.

In Belcourt, Jim Olson, KX News.

Benning says it’s possible some dogs will be coming back north with him– most will go to a special kennel in Wisconsin.


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