Kari Warberg is a name you might have heard of. The Bismarck local and entrepreneur has turned her dream into a million-dollar company.

EarthKind is an all-natural solution to pest control and it’s something founder and CEO Kari Warberg has spent nearly 20 years building up her company to what it is today.

KX sat down with Warberg to talk about her new product and the major growth she has seen this year.

“When we started 98% of all the pest control products were a kill or a poison method and today that is down to 88%. And we were the first person in there to start educating people and moving the dial,” says Warberg.

This year they have been able to educate 750,000 people on ways to prevent pests naturally. They have even come out with a new formula in order to reach more people.

“We took the power of Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent which is used on farms across the country and we brought it into the household space and its called Stay Away Rodent,” says Warberg. “So this product would be used in farming equipment and commercial settings where the Stay Away Rodent repellent can be used in homes.”

Warberg’s biggest goal is to educate as many people as she can about getting rid of pests in a humane way, and her message has definitely been getting through to people.

Grocery Manager of Bisman Co-op Renae Barbie says, “I became a little more conscious about what’s going on and what I was doing to the environment as well as the animals. You know people look at them as pest and they are nature and they are just trying to fulfill their lifecycle. Instead of trying to kill and get rid of these things its best to just deter them from where you are.”

This year EarthKind will be a zero-percent carbon footprint company and is even featured in college entrepreneurship textbooks. Warberg hopes sharing her journey with others will inspire anyone that’s trying to make a difference.

“It’s a new thing to build a business from nature even when starting from nothing, so it offers a lot of opportunities around the world for entrepreneurs who basically have nothing. You think of all the people on farms who want to do something for an extra income and they can follow what we did,” says Warberg.

Warberg is also writing a book for college students that will be coming out in June of 2020 and she tells KX she has many more big plans for the new year.

Earthkind also offers a FREE seasonal checklist for pest prevention. For more information about that and her products, click here.