North Dakota’s congressional delegation and the governor aren’t impressed with President Biden’s move Tuesday to release 50 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help combat rising gasoline prices.

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer said the emergency release of oil highlights the failures of the Biden administration’s energy policies.

“Releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is absolutely not the solution to bringing high gas prices down,” Cramer said. “The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is meant for supplying energy during national emergencies. The only national emergency is President Biden’s awful energy policy in which he has purposefully curtailed American production and then embarrassingly pleaded OPEC to make up the difference.”

Cramer said the solution to the high prices associated with oil and gasoline is to increase domestic energy production, not curtail it. However, he said, he doesn’t expect the Biden administration to pursue that option.

U.S. Senator John Hoeven also questioned Biden’s energy policies and said the president’s move is unnecessary.

“In an energy rich nation like ours, it makes no sense that President Biden has been hampering domestic energy production while asking our adversaries and OPEC for more oil, and is now tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve,” Hoeven said in a statement. “Instead of saddling our energy producers with increasing regulations and discouraging new production, the administration should be empowering the people who produce energy in this country. They do it better than anyone in the world, and they do it with the best environmental stewardship.”

North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong echoed similar sentiments in his comments after the president’s move to release the oil.

“The Biden administration’s decision to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is like putting a band-aid on a large self-inflicted wound. The administration’s energy policies are expensive for consumers, hostile to domestic energy producers, and terrible for American workers,” Armstrong said. “We need to empower energy producing states like North Dakota to provide reliable and needed energy, not attack them and destroy millions of Americans’ livelihoods.”

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said the Biden administration’s policies and actions on energy are hurting, not helping America.

“Executive actions taken by this administration have done nothing but erect roadblocks for our domestic oil industry to recover to pre-pandemic levels, and Americans are feeling the pain in their wallets,” Burgum said in a prepared statement. “Instead of encouraging U.S. operators to produce more oil, this administration has repeatedly urged OPEC to boost oil output and is now tapping into reserves intended to be used for national emergencies – not to soften the blow of self-inflicted price increases caused by misguided energy policy. We urge President Biden to work with North Dakota and other oil-producing states to continue to grow our domestic oil supply now, rather than taking it from future generations or buying it from foreign sources.”

North Dakota’s congressional delegation and the governor are all Republicans.