The North Dakota Petroleum Council is joining several statewide oil and natural gas associations in protesting the Biden administration’s apparent decision to exclude state and local voices in energy policy forums.

The Department of Interior held a virtual forum on the federal oil and gas program that notably did not include any groups representing state and local energy interests.

Those protesting the action, in addition to the North Dakota Petroleum Council, include the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, Alaska Oil and Gas Association, Colorado Oil and Gas Association, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, Montana Petroleum Association, Utah Petroleum Association and West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

The Full Statement from the North Dakota Petroleum Council:

“As Associations representing the natural gas and oil industry embedded in communities across our states, we are disappointed today’s forum did not include a single state or local voice representing the hardworking men and women who produce safe, reliable and sustainable energy to fuel our lives. We speak for the people whose work, lives and livelihoods will be most impacted by President Biden’s orders regarding production on federal land.  A return to centralized, command-and-control decision making in the hands of bureaucrats thousands of miles away from the people, lands, and waters where the impacts are most deeply felt is not a constructive path forward. We are hopeful the exclusion of local voices is not indicative of a pattern of disregard of our states, our people and our livelihoods.