ND Professional Bull Rider Makes It To World Competition

The best bull riders in the world are competing next week in Las Vegas and one of the best comes from North Dakota.

Alexus Larson introduces us to a hometown cowboy.

“I found I can make a living doing what I love,” said Stetson Lawrence, Professional Bull Rider.

Stetson Lawrence grew up in Trenton, North Dakota and spent a lot of time at the rodeo grounds. His father was a bull rider and even as a young boy he knew that was going to follow in his footsteps.

“I dreamed of being where I am today,” said Stetson.

After competing for years, Stetson eventually became a professional bull rider. He worked his way up the ranks and survived a number of injuries – but he says it’s all worth it. And why now? He’s ranked number 24 in the world.

“To see how happy he is now there’s no comparison,” said TK Lawrence, Wife.

“The adrenaline rush that you get from it – it’s like no other, it’s like a drug basically you get addicted to it,” said Stetson.

As he gears up for the sixth consecutive PBR world competition, he says that he doesn’t do a lot of training. Instead, he focuses on keeping himself healthy.

“I just clear my head, stick to my basics, and not really think about it,” said Stetson.

“I’m proud of him because this is the best in the world. These are the toughest bulls that he could ever imagine and for him to continue to do this is a pretty much a miracle,” said TK.

He’ll only have 8 seconds to prove that he’s the best bull rider in the world and that’s a challenge is ready to take on. 

Stetson and his wife will be leaving for Vegas on Monday and the competition begins on Wednesday.

Photo: Youtube.com – PBR

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