ND Public Instruction Responds To Highway Patrol Audit


Bismarck – The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction is responding to a recent audit of the Highway Patrol relating to school bus inspections.

The report, released by the State Auditor’s office showed that while the Highway Patrol is doing a good job with school bus inspections, record keeping of the inspections is lacking.

The Auditor’s office and D-P-I also disagreed whether or not inspections are done on 100-percent of school buses.

DPI says their manual sent to each district asks them to have their buses inspected annually by the Highway Patrol, even when it’s not required by state law.

We talked with DPI and they tell us this is a perfect time to reorganize communication between all departments involved in the process.

“Knowing how the inspections are going, knowing the obstacles that the inspectors and the districts have with getting together, getting it logistically planned, if we could have a more part in that, we would definitely welcome that”, said Don Williams: Assistant Director, School Organization: ND Dept of Public Instruction.

He adds DPI was unaware the audit was even happening, had they known, they could hav clarified some questions and concerns before the report was released.

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