BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota Supreme Court struck down Senate Bill 2015, because according to the court, it gave too much power to the legislative branch over the executive branch.

The bill, which passed this legislative session, discussed money allocated from our state budget, but it also allowed state lawmakers to sit on the North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System’s Board of Trustees, also known as NDPERS. If this bill was about the budget for the Office of Management and Budget, then it may have worked, but the fact that the bill also added unconstitutional power to the legislative branch means the whole bill has to be declared void. Now, it will not go into effect.

Gov. Doug Burgum released a statement in response to the decision saying:

“As acknowledged by the Supreme Court, this decision has far-reaching consequences that will require a special session of the Legislative Assembly to enact the nearly 70 sections of the OMB bill that have now been voided,” Burgum said. “We’re arranging meetings with legislative leaders today to determine the best course of action for the Legislature to address the business at hand in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

KX News will let you know when that special session will occur.

To read the full decision by the ND Supreme Court, click here.