ND United awards MPS paraprofessional

For many of us, the jobs we do each and every day aren’t for recognition, it’s just what we do.

But North Dakota United, a union for public service and education, believes in formally thanking those who go above and beyond in their work.

That’s why paraprofessional at Lewis and Clark Elementary School, Denbea Mcnally, had a very special surprise this week when she was unexpectedly awarded as the Outstanding Education Support Professional of the Year.

“Conscientious, self motivated, caring, loving,” Nick Archuleta, North Dakota United’s President, said as he described Denbea McNally.
He said those are just a few characteristics that Mcnally’s colleagues used to describe her.

They wrote support letters to nominate her as the Outstanding Education Support Professional of the Year … saying she’s kind, calm, and consistent.

“She was always that one that was the doer. She’s very reliable, she always gets stuff done,” teacher and friend of Mcnally, Kristi Reinke, said.

North Dakota United seemed to agree … 
“I was pretty speechless, it was a total emotional time for me at that moment,” Mcnally said.

“She doesn’t just do this as a job,” said Archuleta. “She does this because she’s passionate about it and because she’s very good at it, and the kids depend on her and she understands that.”

Paraprofessionals give extra support to students who may need it.. whether it be physically, emotionally, academically, or all three.

McNally said she sort of stumbled upon the job six years ago, but that she’s found her place and is here to stay.
“It makes my day knowing that they’re having a great day so just having the outcome and knowing the success that you’ve given to that child for the day is definitely a reward.”


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