North Dakota Farm Bureau (NDFB) is gearing up to host their Campaign School to teach rural North Dakotans the nuts and bolts of running a successful political campaign.

The goal of the two-day seminar is to get people who have practical experience living in rural North Dakota to represent their fellow citizens at all levels of public office: from county commissioner to congress, and every position in between.

NDFB teaches you to examine yourself to see what kind of candidate you would make. You are trained to identify issues that are important to your area, how the electorate perceives the role of the specific office you are running for, does your philosophy and experience fit that mold, and if not, can you evolve your platform.

Then you develop a game plan to win: the structure of your campaign, financing, targeting different groups of the electorate, recruiting and putting volunteers to work, and more.

“For North Dakota Farm Bureau we feel it’s really important for us to surface, and train, and support candidates who are like-minded to our philosophies. We feel ‘like shame on us’ if we don’t get our own people to represent us. We need agriculturalists. People who understand what it is to pay property taxes. People who understand what it is to raise livestock, people who understand what it is to make a profit with a crop. We need those kinds of people to representing their fellow citizens at the county level and at the statehouse,” explained NDFB Director of Public Policy Pete Hanebutt.

NDFB’s Campaign School starts on Thursday, December 2nd at their Bismarck office. Go to the NDFB Campaign School page to learn more.