NDSU Extension Lunch and Learn covers microgreens

Planting season is underway, both for farmers and some gardeners. There is an easy way to grow your own greens -at any time of year- right in your window sill.

Getting the perfect harvest requires a green thumb that not all of us have.

“Would you consider yourself a gardener?” asks KX News reporter, Hannah Davis.

“No,” says Joanne Rademacher, Microgreen Learner, with a laugh. “Not at all.”

That’s why she’s learning how to grow microgreens.

“They’re young plants, they’re different than sprouts because they’re grown in soil and we don’t eat the seeds and the roots. We just eat them when they’re about two to three inches tall above the soil,” says Paige Brummund, NDSU Extension Agent.

Because they’re so small, they can be planted right in your window sill.

“It looked like something easy to grow that I could actually eat and not have to go out with the bugs and the weeds, just grow it in the house,” says Rademacher.

Brummund recommends just raking the seeds into potting soil with your hands .. about a quarter of an inch below the surface.

“They’re pretty tough. I think the biggest mistake people make is that they plant them too thinly and sparsely, and then they don’t get as much out of them,” says Brummund.

Instead of using a watering can, it’s important to only spritz the microgreens or slowly pour the water at the soil level rather than from above.

“If we over-water them or water them too heavily, the seeds will wash away or the plants will lay down and kind-of get smothered out,” says Brummund.

Most only need about two weeks before they’re ready for harvest.

“They work really well as garnishes, you can eat them straight as an entire salad, it just takes a little bit more seed. So, for example, one seed packet would make you maybe one to two salads,” says Brummund.

And even for non-gardeners like Rademacher, the process seems simple enough.

“I’m going to try. I’ll go get my little tray and some soil and give it a try,” says Rademacher.

Microgreens: planting for everyone.

You can find microgreen seed packets in most seed catalogs or by searching online.

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